Allan Zuckoff, PhD

Training & Consultation

Training Options
Workshop Training
Full-day workshops are a popular format for training professionals in new counseling or intervention approaches. Their advantages include the ability to provide a concentrated jump-start to the learning process, the chance to train a large group of staff members at the same time, and cost containment regarding the expenses of bringing in an out-of-town trainer.

At the same time, training research and the consensus of expert trainers in MI agree that, while workshops can result in the acquisition of new skills, those skills are unlikely to be maintained without further coaching, feedback, or training opportunities. In their ground-breaking EMMEE (Evaluating Methods for Motivational Enhancement Education) study published in 2004, Drs. William R. Miller, Carolina Yahne, Theresa Moyers and colleagues found that gains from an MI workshop were sustained only when participants received any of the forms of follow-up being offered—whether  structured feedback on recorded practice samples, telephone coaching, or the combination of the two. A review by Schwalbe, Oh, and Zweben published in 2014, which analyzed 21 MI training studies, confirmed this finding.

Various options are available for training follow-up. One is a "2+1" workshop model, in which two days of MI training are followed 1-2 months later by another in-person day, during which initial challenges and successes in putting newly learned MI skills into practice become the basis for further development and strengthening of skills. A second is a telephone consultation model, in which workshop participants participate in a pre-determined number of group telephone coaching sessions in the months following workshop attendance. Other options, in which individual practice feedback and telephone coaching are provided, are more labor and cost-intensive but approximate the best practice approaches used in training clinicians to proficiency standards in research studies.

Coaching & Consultation
The best way to develop skillfulness in motivational interviewing is to have an expert consultant observe your practice and offer MI-consistent coaching. A valuable component of MI coaching is feedback based on a reliable, validated system for assessing MI practice, and the gold standard is the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI) coding system. Dr. Zuckoff has provided MITI-based coding and coaching to ensure MI fidelity in numerous research studies and offers the same high-quality coaching to individual practitioners who want to build on what they've learned in workshops to achieve true MI proficiency.

Keynotes & Presentations
Interested in a brief introduction to MI or treatment engagement and adherence intervention that will whet the appetite of conference participants or agency staff to learn more? Dr. Zuckoff's lively, interactive 60-90 minute presentation, appropriate for professionals of all levels of experience and training, has inspired thousands of practitioners around the world.

Open Workshops
From time to time Dr. Zuckoff leads workshops in MI that are open to anyone interested in attending. Information about these workshops is posted on this website's home page.

If you are an individual looking for opportunities to receive training in MI, the Training
page of the website of Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) lists upcoming MI workshops around the US and the world.