Allan Zuckoff, PhD

Training & Consultation

Dr. Allan Zuckoff is a trainer and consultant specializing in motivational interviewing (MI), an evidence-based approach to helping people change by strengthening their own motivation and empowering them to take action. 

On this website you can learn about MI and find links to MI resources (books, chapters, articles, and DVDs). You can also read about Dr. Zuckoff's professional experience and expertise, review audio and video of Dr. Zuckoff talking about MI, and contact Dr. Zuckoff to discuss his services.

Now Available...
Recent Virtual Training

In this lively and interactive webinar, Dr. Zuckoff described, illustrated, and demonstrated how MI can be used to help people change.

9:00 am      Ambivalence and Change:
                   The Spirit and Tasks of MI

10:30 am     Break

10:45 am     Engaging: Establishing Trust and Safety

12:15 pm     Lunch

1:00 pm       Defusing Discord: The Pressure Paradox

2:30 pm       Break

2:45 pm       Evoking Change Talk: We Learn What
                   We Think As We Hear Ourselves Speak

4:15 pm       Adjournment